About Us

Devoted with diligence!!! Our Certified Company, Evershine Integrated Services Pvt Ltd , is providing the House-keeping & Facility Management Services. a dynamic organization through which our experienced team are providing the full support and co-ordination to Industrial services, Corporate Services, Domestic Services, and House-keeping Services & Facility Management Services to our clients. Our team is a group of specialized professionals. This guarantee appropriately took care of and expertly oversaw activities of any size with the capacity to value customer’s necessities. Our administrative exercises furnish our group with legitimate inspiration, preparing for refreshing their insight every now and then, preparing about close to home cleanliness, habits and behaviors. Because of which we have risen as an association to keep up and build up the concurred administrations which bolster and improve the adequacy of its essential exercises normally.

Our House-keeping & Facility Management Services are operational with a sole intention of providing exceptional quality services to the Domestic, Corporate and Industrial sectors such as Corporate Offices, Residential Societies, BPOs, MNCs, Institutes, Pharmaceutical Companies & Retails etc.
We, as an organization, are committed to work with multi-skill ability to build world-class House-keeping & Facility Management Services with the higher standard of Professionalism, Ethics and Quality. The Core Principle of our organization is to give the best value to the clients with Strict Adherence. Therefore, we can confidently say that we have a complete solution for every House-keeping & Facility Management Services related problems through our highly trained & experienced team staff within a short time of span. We do make sure to resolve the problems of our clients by using our 24×7 communication centers by which our clients feel free to happy every time without any hassle. This happiness of our clients makes us strong to satisfy their expectation in all manners & help us in order to groom our clientage in the market and uplift us with the collaboration of highly reputed clients such as HALDIRAM, KENT RO, ATS Group and the more.For us, ‘the needs of our clients matter’. We have the right tools to accomplish your needs. For us, your needs comes first, and our services are designed in a way to fulfill all your needs. We give our best to repay all the trust that our clients bestow upon us. We strive to maintain high standards in our House-keeping & Facility Management Services while offering very affordable prices at the same time.